Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical orthodontics involves surgical procedures to treat conditions that braces and aligners cannot fix. At Merna Tajaddod Orthodontics in Palo Alto, CA, we provide the treatment options you need to resolve complex orthodontic problems. 

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What Is Surgical Orthodontics?

Surgical orthodontics refers to surgical procedures that can straighten and reposition the teeth and jaw to correct skeletal and dental irregularities. Some of the conditions that orthodontic jaw surgery can help with include the following:

Bad bites
Protruding jaw
Jawbone abnormalities
Certain types of sleep apnea

If orthodontic issues affect your speech, cause pain, or make it difficult to chew, you may need orthodontic surgery in Palo Alto.

Orthodontic surgery can also help with impacted wisdom teeth. The surgical procedure can uncover wisdom teeth so that the surgeon can decide whether to remove them. It may also be the right choice for extracting partially erupted wisdom teeth because of how difficult they are to keep clean, which makes them a breeding ground for bacteria.

Impacted wisdom teeth can also put stress on other teeth, so removing them is usually the best choice. When you schedule a consultation with us, we’ll help you decide whether it’s the right option.

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Benefits of Surgical Orthodontics

There are orthodontic conditions that are too complex for braces or other similar treatments. Surgical orthodontics can provide the right results more rapidly.

This type of procedure can also help you achieve the symmetry you want for your face. In many instances, bad bites and jawbone abnormalities affect the rest of your face, so turning to a procedure that can rebalance your features is important.

Surgical orthodontics can also address speech issues caused by the problem or difficulties you may have with opening or closing your mouth and chewing.

For people with certain types of sleep apnea, this kind of surgical procedure can offer relief. We will assess whether surgery is the right option, depending on the structure of your jaw.

Get Experienced Help

When dealing with a condition that requires surgical orthodontics, it is important to turn to experienced orthodontists. Dr. Merna Tajaddod, our board-certified orthodontist offers treatments that can help you with bad bites, jawbone issues, and more. We have years of experience helping people of all ages with malocclusion.

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