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Merna Tajaddod Orthodontics in Palo Alto, CA, offers Invisalign First, an orthodontic device that can help correct bite and teeth problems in young children. Invisalign First is a perfect choice for Phase 1 orthodontic treatment and can make a positive difference in your child’s future dental health by preventing future teeth extractions.

Invisalign First Aligners:
Easy, Comfortable, Results

Is Invisalign a Good Option for Kids?

Clear aligners gradually expand the child's jawline, allowing the arch to widen as well. This approach, offered by Invisalign First orthodontist Dr. Merna Tajaddod, facilitates the correction of existing problems while preventing future complications that may affect the child's smile as they grow older. The treatment works by gently pushing the teeth over time to their proper positions, effectively expanding and contouring the child's jawline.

Parents may wonder about the age at which children can start using Invisalign First. At our practice specializing in orthodontics in Palo Alto, we offer this option for children as young as six. Typically, the upper age limit is around 10, but we always conduct a comprehensive assessment during your consultation to determine if Invisalign First is the most suitable choice.

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Phase 1 orthodontic treatment with Invisalign First can be utilized for several purposes, including:

Correcting and guiding the growth of the child's jaw in a positive manner
Avoiding the need for permanent teeth extractions during Phase 2 treatment
Reducing the likelihood of impacted permanent teeth
Widening and regulating the width of the upper and lower arches
Creating additional space for crowded teeth
Closing gaps between teeth
Correcting thumb-sucking habits and addressing minor speech issues
Correcting teeth protrusion, overbite and reducing the likelihood of trauma to upper incisors
Correcting teeth retrusion or underbite
Reducing the likelihood of future prolonged, complicated and surgical orthodontics
Correcting teeth alignment 

The Invisalign First Process:
Three Simple Steps


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Invisalign First treatment begins with the latest technology, a simple scan of your child's teeth with an itero scanner, which is completely radiation and pain free, creating an accurate 3D model on a screen next to your child. From there, each step of the treatment plan is digitally mapped out by Dr. Tajaddod, allowing you to know what to expect.


Custom-Designed Aligners

Custom aligners, created according to your child's specific needs by Palo Alto orthodontist Dr. Tajaddod, are delivered to you and your child. These aligners are removable, causing minimal disruption to your child's daily life and enabling them to enjoy their favorite foods. The custom aligners are designed to fit smaller teeth and accommodate the ongoing growth of teeth.


Smart Movements

Your child's smile will progressively transform through a series of small, expertly calculated shifts tailored to the movement of their primary teeth. Trust your child’s smile to a renowned and highly experienced orthodontist who will meticulously plan and carry out early orthodontic treatment for optimal results. Schedule a consultation with board-certified Dr. Tajaddod to discuss the Invisalign First treatment.

Start Early for a Healthy Smile

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that children should have their first visit with an orthodontist by the age of seven. It is during this time, between the ages of six and ten, that Phase One orthodontic treatment, particularly with Invisalign First, may be beneficial.

Phase 1 treatment focuses on young children as their smiles and teeth develop. When a child reaches the age of six or when their first molars erupt, it becomes possible to assess and address any potential issues with their bite through Phase I orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign First is a specialized form of Phase 1 orthodontic treatment for growing children. By utilizing custom aligners, Invisalign First aligns the teeth while expanding the arches and creating space for existing and incoming permanent teeth. It also addresses any other concerns that may impact the child's smile. There are multiple Invisalign benefits for kids!

Financing Invisalign First

We provide a range of flexible financing solutions to simplify the payment process for your child’s Invisalign First treatment, making it convenient and stress-free.

We accept FSA and HSA so that you can pay for your child’s Invisalign First treatment with pre-tax dollars.
We offer a monthly, no-interest payment plan.
We offer a discount when more than one member of the family starts orthodontic treatment in our office.

If your dental plan includes orthodontic benefits, the cost of Invisalign First may be covered.

Our patients enjoy a wide range of flexible payment options.

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Why Choose Merna Tajaddod Orthodontics?

With more than 3,500 completed Phase 1 orthodontic cases, Merna Tajaddod Orthodontics is your choice for early orthodontics in the Bay Area. Dr. Tajaddod’s creative and individualized treatment planning in combination with Invisalign First, palatal expander and other functional appliances have prevented teeth extractions in numerous complicated and severely crowded malocclusions. In these cases we have been able to achieve optimal teeth alignment.

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